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Melas Media specializes in building brands for artists, small businesses, and corporations in all industries! We have a dedicated team of designers that will help you build your brand the way you envision it from conception to completion, ensuring you effictively reach your target demographic.


From a simple order of business cards to a strategic marketing campaign, Melas Media can help you develop your project big or small. Utilizing the latest software and uniquely creative approach to design, Melas Media promises to deliver a creatively professional product that gives a nod to the latest design trends.

Free consultations are provided to discuss your objectives and vision. With this information, we will be able to create a package tailored specifically to your needs. Please take a moment to fill out a service request form listed below to get a custom quote for our services:

For graphic design projects, download the service request form below:

Here are a few brands Melas Media has recently developed:

Web Development

Melas Media designs immersive graphic-based websites for your business, project or portfolio. The process of designing and launching a website can be daunting, but our design team is proficient and experienced in the many facets of web development. We take pride in helping to start new businesses or refocusing an existing brand. Whether you sell cookies or financial services, Melas Media can help you develop a brand that's built for success!


Melas Media is committed to staying informed and knowledable of the trends in web development to include:


  • The latest HTML coding language (HTML5)

  • SEO Optimization

  • Social Media Integration

  • Mobile Compatability

  • e-Commerce & Merchant Services

For web design projects, download the service request form below:

Check out a few websites Melas Media has recently developed:


Digital animation and illustration is trending towards next generation technology, with most animated productions being 3-dimensional in nature. Melas Media has a team of talented artists and illustrators to deliver quality results!

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Mobile/App Development

In this day and age, media content that can be integrated with mobile devices is essential if not a requirement. Melas Media's Creative Developers are experts at mobile content development. Whether you are looking for mobile apps, ads, or a user interface for your mobile app let Melas Media set your project up for maximum exposure!

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